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Strong Body

Personal Training and Group Classes

Personal Training

Have you stopped seeing results from your current routine? Get a consultation from one of our trainers before joining.

Group Classes

Are you looking to join a supportive team? Start today, and learn what has been holding you back.

Jyim Program

Our combination of weight training and cardio training helps build a lean body. Track results on our Jyim board.


Step 1

Get a free

Day Pass

Try this out for free! Work with one of our elite personal trainers and get a guided tour to see all of our new services. Our group classes meet all safety precautions, sanitized equipment, social distancing, and 9-person capacity. All levels welcome, workouts are intense but modifications are available.

Step 2


Schedule your

First Class

Find a time that works for you and try us out! Take a group class or schedule a full fitness assessment with one of our trainers.

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Start Training

After your first class we will give you a detailed tour of our programs, facility, and new additions!


Benefits & Outcomes

Lose Weight

Learn how to work with your genetics and body type for best results.

Build Lean Muscle

Discover what exercises are best to build lean muscle and not get too bulky.

Lower Stress

Work with trainers that will listen to both you and your body.

Reduce Pain

You should not be in pain after you workout. Look into our recovery services that we offer: assisted stretching, sports massage, body mechanics, and body scan! Learn proper exercise form and stretching technique.


From the Gym

“For almost two months I’ve been doing the 6am Zoom Core & Cardio class with Sophia and the 9am Booty Build with Jyima. When I want to add more workouts, I use the recorded videos on Instagram. Highly recommend if you’re needing a challenge and don’t want to buy a full home gym during the pandemic!! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, just enough push to get you working harder but fun enough to keep you coming back for more.”

~ Violet F. (Via Yelp)

“The best part of The Jyim is that Jyima is not the only gem to be found. The entire team: Angie, Sophia, Emily, Lee, and Erica, are AMAZING! They are dedicated to my goals and they hold me accountable while providing tips and tools to help me reach my goal. Their attention to detail and knowledge of physical and mental condition is one of the aspects that makes them stand out from other gyms. However, what truly makes them different is that they all CARE. Like really care. But don’t take my word (review) for it, try them! You won’t regret it.”

~ Lineth Hope (Via Google Review)

“Wow, what can I say! This gym is the total gem of DTLA. Took a few boxing classes here and the instructors really kick your butt, and I’ve been training avidly for more than 2 years. They’re extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and really make you feel like you’re a part of their family. It’s great for all levels of fitness, so don’t be afraid if you’re just starting out! Plus, the facilities are SPOTLESS and clean. I would give more stars if I could!”

~ KiKi W. (Via Yelp)