Listen, I’m super serious about this. Really, forget about the results, focus on the effort. Don’t set any long term goals! Don’t have a goal weight, don’t have a specific body fat % you want to reach or any clothes you want to fit in. All I want you to do is focus on where you put your effort. Your only goal should be to stick to your plan. You should only set performance-based goals:

Example: Do my weight training program 2 days/week

Cardio 3 days/week

No flour, sugar or alcohol 6 days/week

Sleep 7 hours/night

Now the most essential part. None of this shit matters if you don’t actually do it. Get a calendar and give yourself a check forever day that you stick to your plan. Your body will start to change; you will see a difference and let the journey take you wherever it goes.

Your intentions, your purpose should all be dedicated to your daily activities. If you have a bad day, shake it off and keep pushing.

Results will come as soon as we stop worrying about them.