Let me start by saying I am not a nutritionist. I am a CPT who covered fundamental aspects of nutrition. I have read a few books about food and consult with nutritionists regularly. No-one, not even a professional should have the final say on what you put in your body. The information that specialists provide is just suggestions. If you try a Vegan diet and your body doesn’t feel well, then do yourself a favor and stop. If you are on high protein meat-eating diet and your body doesn’t feel well, then please just stop. Do not let anyone force you into following their path or their journey, that path or journey is for them, not you.

My personal opinion is that anything excessive is going to be potentially damaging. If you eat an excessive amount of meat or carbs the potential for a negative impact exists.

My suggestion is that you combine the information you receive from reputable sources with how you feel and come to your own well-informed conclusion.

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