The Jyim

Small Group Classes

Don’t let the chill vibe fool you.

We advocate being in a good space mentally in order to maximize the potential of your workout. We don’t scream or yell here. We find creative ways to challenge your body and teach you how to respond to stress. We don’t want to flip your life upside down we want you to make small adjustments and learn your body.

Group Classes

Work with certified trainers. At The Jyim we believe the combination of weight training and cardio training is the formula for success. Build a lean strong body and lower your body fat percentage with our proven method. Try one of our strength or cardio classes today.

Cardio Day

Weight Day

Core & Cardio

Our Cardio & Core classes focus on building endurance and burning calories and torching fat. Increase your cardio vascular strength and lower your risk for chronic illness.

Weight Day

HIIT Sculpt Classes

HIIT Sculpt classes focus on building lean strong muscles to help increase your metabolic rate and have you burning fat well after the workout is done.

Boxing Classes

Learn to defend yourself, or reach your fitness goals with our boxing classes. Our instructors have all competed at some level and enjoy teaching from the fitness and self defense perspectives.

Iron Pump

In Iron Pump we start with a full body warm up then progress to hand weights. Our instructors will teach you form to make sure you are getting the most our of your workout.

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