OK, you’re all set, week one is down, and you’re rocking. You’re working out 4 times/week you got your groceries. Your meal prep game is on point, and you feel good. Then you get the phone call… “Hey don’t forget it’s my birthday tonight and you promised you’re coming.” We are all familiar with these scenarios. If not, here are a few quotes that may sound familiar. “You can drink that, or you can eat that it’s only one.” “One drink is not going to kill you” or the biggest one “C’ mon you’re ruining the fun.”

So let’s have fun with a little math. If you have more than one friend, family member, or work event. IT WILL NEVER BE JUST ONE. Now I’m not saying to bore yourself to death and never have fun but how about you choose when you engage and don’t let anyone else determine that for you. Let’s make it simple when you make your fitness plan, factor in times to “cheat” and if the event doesn’t fall in line then here are a few cool ways to say “NO” that may help.

  1. “NO” (Don’t elaborate. Don’t justify. Don’t discuss.)
  2. “I’m on a cleanse.”
  3. Sorry, that really doesn’t agree with me. I won’t feel good
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