Listen I’m super serious about this, really forget about the results, focus on the effort. Don’t set any fitness goals! Don’t have a goal weight, don’t have a certain body fat % you want to reach or any clothes you want to fit in. All I want you to do is worry about where you put your effort. Your only goal should be to do what you planned on doing. You should only set goals that are performance based:

Do my weight training program 2 days/week
Cardio 3 days/week
No flour, sugar or alcohol 6 days/week
Sleep 7 hours/night

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Now the most important part. None of this shit matters if you don’t actually do it. Get a calendar and give yourself a check for ever day that you do what you planned on doing. Your body will start to change you will see a difference and let the journey take you wherever it goes.
Now you can keep track of your results as long as you focus, your purpose and your intention is all on your effort.


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